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We are glad to be able to offer sustainable, stable, and reliable Hoshizaki ice machines to the Houston area. Hoshizaki ice machines are not only efficient and enduring, but they are also among the world’s top-quality machines when it comes to any type of ice production for any type of environment.

Hoshizaki’s Superb Ice Production

Being of superior quality, each Hoshizaki machine is built with a stainless-steel evaporator plate which will impede and prevent any flaking, rusting, or peeling damage for the entire machine. This stainless-steel plate also ensures 15% higher production capacity when compared to other name brand machines. The stainless-steel evaporator plate is of Hoshizaki’s own creation, so they are the only company capable of using this technology machine-wide, setting it apart from any other brand.

ENERGY STAR® Qualified Ice machines in the Houston Area

Hoshizaki ice machines are highly energy efficient, earning them ENERGY STAR® qualification. The cost of the machine is easily made up for when compared to the amount of energy it saves in the long run with each use.

Capable of Meeting Your High Expectations

Being one of the worldwide top sellers of ice machines, the well-designed Hoshizaki ice machines are fully capable of meeting any and all of your ice-making demands in any environment, whether it be food, hospitality, or medical. Hoshizaki is able to provide a wide array of designs to fit any space and produce many different types of ices.

Buying and Leasing Hoshizaki Ice Machines in the Houston Area

AABC is your Houston-based source in buying and leasing Hoshizaki ice machines. Whether your needs are personal or commercial, we can provide the perfect fit for you. We offer more compact options that can fit under a counter, to larger options fit for an industrial kitchen or warehouse. With over 35 years of experience, we can provide you with the best service and experience.

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Here at AABC we have many years of experience as a top-tier ice machine repair and maintenance provider. Our prices are competitive and affordable. Contact us today to set up a free consultation.

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