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Types of Commercial Ice Machines We Repair

AABC has the experience of more than 35 years. We are proud of serving our customers by exceeding their expectations. We do value our customers. We thrive helping our customers by making them satisfied with our service and hospitality.
Whenever you have trouble with your ice machine call our friendly staff at AABC. If your ice machine has stopped working, it is making noises, the ice machine output is not the same, the ice is coming out dirty with particles, let us know, we will fix it and make it work as new.
AABC will fix almost any type of ice machine, for example:

Full-Cube Ice Machines

full cube ice

Full cube ice machine is bet for soft drinks, mixed drinks, bagged ice, ice for dispensing.  Usually a full cube ice would be used by bars, baggers and many restaurants because of the soft drinks.

Ice Machine Brands:

This type of ice is perfect for soft drinks because it is a solid square type of ice. It will offer maximum cooling and a slower melt rate. They are also used widely for bagging and bulk cooling.

Half-Cube Ice Machines

half cube ice type

Best for: soft drinks, mixed drinks, bagging, frozen cocktails and for ice dispensing. Business that use this type of ice machine are: restaurants, commercial kitchens, convenience stores, and dispensers.

Ice Machine Brands:

The measurements of this ice cubes are 3/8 x 7/8 x 7/8”. They are called half cubes because they are half of the full size ice cube. Half cube ice is the most versatile ice cube. This type of ice provides the best ice-to-water ration. When used the half-cube ice will cool a drink faster than a regular full sized ice cube. Business owners will save money by using this type of ice because of its form this ice cube displaces more water than other shapes of ice cubes. For this reason, this type of ice cube will also melt faster than others due to the large area in contact with the liquid.

Commercial Nugget Ice Machines

nugget ice

The ice nuggets are great for: soft drinks, iced coffee, frozen cocktails and smoothies. Served on these industries: Healthcare facilities, convenience stores, and quick-serve restaurants.
This type of ice has different denominations depending on the ice machine who it is producing them. Manitowoc offers nugget and tubular restaurant ice makers. Ice-O-Matic offers them as Pearl ice. Scotsman calls them nugget ice.

Ice Machine Brands:

The most interesting characteristic of this nugget ice is that it is chewable. There are even popular business that focused on this type of ice. For example, Sonic dispenses this kind of ice, Sonic sells this type of ice by the bag. Many customers like to chew ice, ice nuggets are their preference!

Flake Ice Machines

flake ice

Best use for this kind of ice are in: produce, chilled foods for buffets, blended cocktails, medical uses, seafood or meat for display. Types of business that use this ice are: grocery stores, healthcare, fish markets, buffets, display foods.

Ice Machine Brands

They all call this ice “flake ice”.
People who likes nugget ice also likes flake ice. They find this type of ice chewable as well. The healthcare industry uses this type of ice to avoid patients to obstruct their respiratory system with a piece of ice. What’s more, this type of ice doesn’t have sharp corners for this reason it is used around wounds. This type of ice is not often served in drinks. Flakes melt quickly. Business usually blend this type of ice into frozen drinks.

Commercial Gourmet Ice Machines

gourmet top hat ice

Business that use this ice: premium drinks at upscale venues, high-end liquors. Traditionally used for events and banquet halls, bars, and upscale restaurants.
This type of ice has the shape of a little hat. For this reason, this ice type has been called “top-hat ice”
Ice Machine Brands
Ice-O-Matic produces gourmet ice in 2 shapes: cylindrical and extra-large cubes. Manitowoc, produces a gourmet ice in a shape of an octagon.

perfect cube ice

Scotman’s ice machines produces a top hat ice cubes. Hoshizaki form perfect square cubes. Gourmet ice melts slowly on liquids.

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